Smart Product Protection with SymSave® H

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Today’s consumers are more educated than ever, and they want to make smart decisions with regards to the products they use, from entire formulations down to the individual ingredients. Eco-friendliness, safety, effectiveness, and of course, appealing consumer experience are prime considerations. Symrise is committed to supporting formulators in their development by sharing our expertise on ingredients, that is a new way to envision modern cosmetic formulations: multifunctional ingredients.


Multifunctional ingredients are widely known for their effectiveness in enhancing product protection. They are safe, stable, versatile and offer reliable performance. They are not only suited but also designed to deliver the multiplicity of functions formulators and consumers seek. They are truly designed to do more with less.

SymSave® H

In 2013, Symrise revolutionized the personal care market with the discovery of the use of Hydroxyacetophenone as an enhancer of the product protection system. Inspired from nature, this unique multifunctional solution remains the top choice of the cosmetics market by answering current quest of minimalism, sustainability and transparency. Hydroxyacetophenone is a true power tool. A broad-spectrum product protection enhancer, it’s uniquely positioned to support a robust and complete product protection performance. Its compatibility and versatility make it suitable for a variety of smart combinations with preservatives or other multifunctionals in modern product protection systems. Its strong antioxidant property sets it apart from other multifunctionals. It’s also a soothing agent, providing a distinct unique benefit even for sensitive skin applications. A proven microbiome-friendly ingredient, Hydroxyacetophenone is an ideal solution for personal care. Click here to discover the SymSave® H story.

Online support

A dynamic online database called Hogo provides several product protection systems along with challenge test data, that allows the selection of the best combination of multifunctionals for any type of formulation. Visit Hogo to assist you in your formula development: https://hogo.symrise.com/


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