The Brabender Absorptometer ”C” for running precise and reproducible absorption tests.


The Brabender Absorptometer “C” is a tabletop instrument with a torque measurement system (dynamometer), which is used for the precise and reproducible determination of the oil absorption number (OAN) of powdery materials. The oil absorption number (OAN) is widely used for characterizing the structure of carbon blacks and other free flowing materials which has a strong effect on the processing parameters and the quality of the product as well.

The test method is based on the changes of the consistency of powdery materials during oil absorption.

How can such consistency changes be recorded and visualized?

The Absorptometer “C” consists of two main parts: a drive unit with a torque measurement system and an attached mixer with special blades. The torque is measured and recorded throughout a special mixing process: the oil is gradually added by an automated burette into the mixer. The free flowing, powdery material absorbs the liquid and starts agglomerating. During this transition, more and more torque is needed for the mixing and eventually a torque peak appears on the time-torque curve. The OAN itself is given in accordance with the standards and common practice in ml (of the absorbed oil) / 100 g (of sample material).

The key advantages to using the Absorptometer C in your facility are wide-spread and translate to a direct ROI with real savings of time and resources.The key advantages to using the Absorptometer C in your facility are wide-spread and translate to a direct ROI with real savings of time and resources.
  • Automatic (sequencer controlled) burette with ready to use default settings
  • Easy to change mixing bowls reduce the dead time and ensure cost effective continuous operation
  • Easy to access buttons and touchscreen at the front of the instrument
  • The instrument is connected to the PC directly via USB - you do not need separate interfaces or adapters
  • Separate location of the PC for clean operation and long lifetime
  • Choice between local and remote operation for economic and clean test procedure
  • Automatic saving of tests in remote operation - no need of working at the PC between the individual tests
  • The torque is measured directly without any intermediate part to keep reliability high and service costs low
  • Compact design for easy cleaning

The Brabender Support System

Our state of the art application laboratory is always made available to our customers. You can choose to send material to us for testing or schedule a specific Lab Trial with our expert team. In our application laboratory, you will have access to our full product line to help come to a solution for your application.

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