Hyaluronic Acid – everything you need to know

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Arguably one of the most buzz-worthy ingredients out there, hyaluronic acid is making its way from facial skin care to color cosmetics to body care to hair care. In fact, hyaluronic acid is often recommended by estheticians, dermatologists and even cosmetic formulators alike for its ability to hydrate, plump, and enhance the skin’s natural glow. However, this hero ingredient, while incredibly common nowadays, is actually quite complex. As a result, it can be a big challenge for formulators and product developers to navigate various hyaluronic acid offerings that will best appeal to their consumers.

Hylasome ™ EG10 is inspired by dermatologists and used in a variety of cosmetic applications. It is a proprietary, crosslinked, infinite molecular weight hyaluronic acid that delivers moisture to the skin with a unique nonequilibrium gel structure with gel domains that hold up to five times the moisture than standard hyaluronic acid.

Upon application, this forms a film and delivers hydration over time while scavenging skin-damaging free radicals. This unique capability leads to strong moisturizing benefits, with improvement in both short-term and long-term areas of skin hydration and dryness reduction. Our most impactful form of testing using Newtone Hydration Mapping analyzed the effect of Hylasome™ EG10 on facial moisture at different time points, concluding that Hylasome™ EG10 visibly improves the overall face moisturization for those with dry skin.

To learn more about Hylasome™ EG10 and other Vantage™ Hyaluronic acid product offerings, visit this page.  


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