Blue Ingredients: how to develop cosmetics with these trendy ingredients?

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Among trendy cosmetic ingredients, there is a group that draws an increasing interest: blue ingredients.

The sea is a source of beauty that has inspired for many years and blue ingredients are cosmetic ingredients obtained from the marine world, either seaweed, maritime plant, seawater or salt.

In 2021, almost 13%* of new cosmetic launches contained at least one blue ingredient. Broadly used in skin care, blue ingredients are progressively used in other categories such as hair care, hygiene or even makeup. 

Blue ingredients should not be limited only to brands with a DNA rooted in the marine universe, as their efficacies have been proven now over time and marine resources convey symbolic meanings such as health, sustainability and science. 

As a supplier of raw materials, Seppic offers a wide range of blue Ingredients from the marine world. Located on the north coast of Brittany, France, near the Bréhat archipelago, Seppic Pontrieux is the production site dedicated to cosmetic active ingredients derived from marine biotechnologies and seaweed or maritime plant extraction. Seppic selects maritime plants and seaweeds on remarkable sites, with an approach that respects biodiversity. In particular, the Bréhat archipelago is home to an exceptional marine flora, with more than 800 species of algae and hundreds of species of maritime plants. 

To help brands create future cosmetic products with blue Ingredients, Seppic designed a complete trend book.

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It's an inspiring toolbox for creative and technical teams working in cosmetic products development as it invites brands to explore marketing concepts around Blue Ingredients with illustrative and inspirational cosmetic formulations.

Download and discover through the 42 pages of inspiration:

  • 3 archetypes that represent the major trends in the beauty industry
  • 7 product concepts with mood boards
  • 18 Illustrative cosmetic formulas
  • 20 blue Ingredients

*Mintel GNPD


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