Three Stresses. Three Technologies. Three Actives. One Essence.

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Many people deal with stress in their day-to-day that contribute to feeling mentally stressed. It is known in the cosmetic market that stress can have an impact on your skin’s appearance such as wrinkles, dull skin, loss of elasticity and firmness, redness, etc. But is all stress the same one?

Looking in depth, we could differentiate between three different classes of stress that affects our skin’s appearance. First, we find phystress, a type of physical stress which depletes our body of energy and has a fatiguing impact on our skin cells. Secondly, the emotional stress, emostress, which is related to an increase in cortisol and substance P and therefore, stresses the skin. Finally, envirostress is the one caused by external aggressors such as UV/IR radiations or extreme cold and hot temperatures, including the ones caused by season changes, air conditioning, or sun baths.

These stresses can detriment our skin’s appearance and accelerate the normal aging pace. So how can we hit the brakes or rewind? LipoTrue presents the ultimate range of active ingredients to tackle stress according to your skin’s needs. Three different active ingredients, from three different technologies targeting three types of stresses, under the same concept Telessence.

Firstly, all we need in life is balance, but the skin is constantly exposed to temperature changes from the environment (seasons, heat waves) or due to modern life (air conditioners, hair dryers). Envirostress slowly weakens skin protection, accelerating skin aging. Telessence Telmeric is biomimetic, both structurally and functionally of the tumeric spice (Curcuma longa). Turmeric is known to enhance skin resiliency against envirostress.

It soothes the envirostress damage response activated by the TLR2 signaling pathway, alleviating the NF-kB response and, hence, relieving inflammation, which is also reduced by the action of miRNAs. In addition, it activates NRF2 antioxidant response to stop the inflammatory loop that could lead to more cell damage and telomere shortening (acceleration of biological aging).

On the other hand, our bodies cope daily with incredible situations while struggling to overcome fatigue (phystress). Physical fatigue is linked with cellular exhaustion, leading to mitochondrial dysfunction, oxidative stress and telomere shortening (biological aging). Telessence Mitelion™ is an ingredient obtained from bilberry fruits and rosemary leaves. It keeps the mitochondria fit to tackle phystress. It recharges mitochondrial membrane potential and stimulates mitochondrial renewal, both linked to energy production. In addition, it prevents mitochondrial oxidative damage, boosting endogenous antioxidants and reducing ROS production. It also empowers telomeres against phystress.

Last but not least, we find emotional stress (emostress), which silently builds up inside us from the daily situations that bring up frustration and anxiety. Emostress accelerates biological aging through the shortening of telomeres and the damage caused by the release of cortisol and Substance P (SP). Telessence Breeztel™ is a marine ferment from a microorganism collected from the sea breeze near the island of Tonga (Fiji), which helps to breeze Emostress away. It modulates SP and cortisol release preventing cell biological aging caused by telomeres shortening, and de-emostressing the skin by restoring and repairing epidermal and dermal emotional balance.

Below is a photo of a volunteer that applied a cream containing 2% Telessence Breeztel™.

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Watch the video to know how to combat stress: 

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