Achieving Award-Winning Sensory Effects for the Discerning Consumer


In a fast-paced world, consumers expect immediate noticeable improvements, even for products designed to deliver transfor­mative benefits over time. Cosmetic products are no exception: a multi-country survey revealed 66% of consumers feel it’s important to have an immediate effect on the appearance of their skin. Cosmetics are expected to deliver instant effects and strong benefits while offering pleasant textures and maximized comfort. For cosmetic companies, this a way to boost consumers’ loyalty by fulfilling the promise of what their products are expected to deliver.

VALVANCE™ TOUCH 250 is an award-winning sensory and visual modifier that enhances personal care products of multiple formats to fulfill consumers’ demand for immediate visual improvements and optimized feel.

Request our report to learn:

-        Key sensory aspects beauty influencers are looking for

-        Consumer use study results on perceivable sensory improvements with VALVANCE™ TOUCH 250

-        High impact color cosmetic formulations featuring the award-winning ingredient


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