100% PCR PET (Post-consumer recycled PET) packaging solutions from EPOPACK


PCR PET stand for Post-consumer recycled PET material, apart from rPET, it has to be recycled from the market. EPOPACK is introducing 100% PCR PET packaging solutions for the brands who are looking for eco-friendly packaging.

Size options of 100% PCR PET bottle are from 15ml to 200ml. It can be matched with a wide range of attachment options. We also offer suitable decoration services to customize the packaging for customers according to their desire.

EPOPACK believes that what our customers need is not just a container but a storyteller. 100% PCR PET solutions are the best storyteller to present customer’s brand in a green image.  Besides 100% PCR PET, EPOPACK also offer PET heavy wall bottles, PET heavy wall jar and PP/ PETG/AS airless bottles.

Check out more details here: www.epopack.com or [email protected]


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