ESP A+ Gels are your keys to Sustainable, Clean Label & Clean Cosmetics


Your customer—

Renewable! Sustainable! Biodegradable! Clean Labels! Clean Cosmetics!


Your raw materials—

Synthetic! Petroleum based! Liquid Plastics! Banned!


What's a formulator to do? Why, get on the A+ bandwagon, of course.


ESP A+ Gels and ESP A+ Powder are revolutionary solutions to the synthetic, liquid plastic problem. By synergistically blending aloe vera and algin from seaweed, we've created natural materials that replace synthetic/petro gellants. This amazing, clean-feeling, moisturizing, skin-repairing, and suspending family of patented materials will improve your formulas and thrill your customers.


Key Benefits:

  • Remarkable suspending in clear, water-based gels, cleansers, lotions, creams and serums.
  • Simple and quick processing—no neutralization required. The materials provide an amazing clean feel, as well as soothe and repair damaged skin.
  • Clear gels—use as is or as an ingredient in cleansers and treatment formulas.


ESP A+ Beads are the world's first completely sprayable, pumpable and foamable visible beads. They travel up the dip tube and out the orifice without clogging or leaving any shell or residue on the skin or hair. Finally, you have a visible bead that will leave your package and reinforce the customer’s interest.


Key Benefits:

  • Visible, residue and skin free beads.
  • Freely travel up and out of the bottle. They Spray! They Pump! They Foam!
  • Stable in a wide variety of surfactants and water based systems.
  • Made of two active ingredients—aloe vera and algin from seaweed.


Samples and prototype formulas are available.


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