Always There for Hair Care


Consumers want hair care products that are effective and safe for themselves and the environment. Hair care product formulators want efficacious ingredients that protect their products at the lowest use levels.


schülke offers a full range of biodegradable preservatives and multifunctional preservative boosters that meet the wants and needs of both.


euxyl® K 712 contains a blend of safe and effective organic acids for use in a variety of products. This biodegradable, nature-identical product can be used globally to protect products pH 5.5 and lower.


euxyl® K 903 is perfect for products where eye sting is a concern. It provides broad-spectrum activity in a biodegradable, nature-identical preservative blend for products formulated at skin pH.


euxyl® K 712 and euxyl® K 903 are compliant with most of environmental certifications; including EcoCert, Cosmos, NaTrue and Whole Foods.


At schülke, we understand the safety and environmental demands of hair care formulation protection, because at schülke we protect life.


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