SymDeo® B125: Microbiome-Friendly, Effective and Readily Biodegradable Deodorant


As the microbiome mega trend continues to evolve, Symrise has investigated one of its legacy ingredients to determine its effect on the microbiome in the underarm region. In addition to their newest probiotic -derived skin soothing active SymReboot™ L19, Symrise now has data demonstrating SymDeo® B125 is not only an effective deodorant but also microbiome friendly.

According to Symrise, while the active's long-term efficacy has been known for years, new research has revealed key advantages. Specifically, in contrast to the conventional antimicrobial active triclosan, SymDeo® B125 has shown minimal impact on the underarm microbiome.

The new data supports claims that the deodorant active is microbiome-friendly and does not specifically disrupt the sensitive underarm biota. These research findings on the influence of a deodorant active on the human underarm microbiome are reportedly the first in the industry, underlining Symrise's leading position in the field of innovative actives.

“Globally, we are observing a growing interest in exploring the impact of personal care products on healthy skin,” said Florian Genrich, Ph.​D., senior global product manager for Micro Protection, Cosmetic Ingredients Division at Symrise. “Consequ­ently, cosmetic manufacturers are facing continuously increasing expectations from the consumer side, which requires the industry to keep up with state-of-the-art technolo­gies."

Florian added, "As a manufacturer of cosmetic ingredients, we continuously conduct intensive research on our ingredients and explore new methods, including the field of skin microbiome analysis. We are proud to deliver our customers additional benefits within our existing and versatile product portfolio.”

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