Recognized for their power over health, roots have been used for centuries in traditional medicine.

But getting access to roots meant destroying the plant. Thanks to the plant-milking technology, it is now possible to extract active molecules from the roots of trees or rare plants, by harvesting them several times a year on the same plant.

Prenylium™, an extract from the mulberry tree roots obtained with this technology, is highly concentrated in prenylated flavonoids (+2000% than traditional morus alba extracts), molecules with powerful anti-aging properties and high affinity with cell membranes. It modulates CCN-1 expression, a protein that decreases with age and is known to regulate collagen production and degradation.

Prenylium stimulates the expression of gene encoding for major components of the extracellular matrix: decorin and collagen III. By protecting the matrisome, it reduces the deepest wrinkles on the skin. Incorporated in Sc[ai]turalist™ Royal Rootness Empowering Cream, an inspiring formulation.


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