Aging gracefully and in a natural look through adipogenesis


Cellfie is a non-invasive and effective alternative to skin fillers. The ingredient utilizes a precise and efficient delivery system meant to stimulate adipogenesis by accelerating adiponectin, in order to reduce the signs of aging for a natural look.

Several factors influence this dynamic process, including adiponectin, which is related to the proliferation and differentiation of adipocytes, in addition to the increase in lipid content. Due to its phenolic-rich composition, including rutin, chlorogenic and trans-cinnamic acid, a thymus vulgaris extract (thyme) was developed in a liposome structure for better delivery.

Clinical studies have shown that Cellfie performed on different regions stimulating facial rejuvenation, reducing the aged appearance on the perioral and periorbital wrinkles but also on the smile and nasolabial lines. Cellfie is an anti-aging ingredient able to upregulate adiponectin by 122%, being significantly superior to the benchmark (27%), despite being at a concentration 10 times lower.


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