A New and (Dramatically) Improved Argireline® Peptide


Twenty years ago, Argireline® peptide wowed the skin care industry when it debuted as the first peptide to reduce expression wrinkles. Since then, millions of people have relied on formulations made with Argireline® to combat the early signs of aging, and have reaped the many benefits of this safe, topical alternative to invasive and expensive cosmetic procedures.

Reaching New Horizons in the Dynamic World of Beauty

It would have been easy for Lubrizol Life Science–Beauty to coast on Argireline® peptide’s success well into the future. But that is just not who we are. So instead, we kept searching for innovative, new technologies to help consumers discover even younger, healthier-looking skin with the same level of convenience and confidence.

But, let’s face it. Things have changed over the last two decades and consumer preferences have shifted substantially. So, we started with a clean slate, leaving yesterday’s preconceptions and parameters behind to explore today’s boldest new possibilities.

When it Comes to Skin, Minimalism is in

It is no secret that the newest generation of consumers is all about mobility, connectivity and conservation. Accumulation and consumption are out, multifunctionality and simplicity are in.

In keeping with this “the end of more” attitude, one of our goals was to streamline skincare and cut down on waste: Time wasted on complicated beauty routines. Money wasted on excessive product purchases. And natural resources wasted on superfluous manufacturing and packaging. Rather than rely on an active ingredient to perform only one job, what if it could multitask like the rest of us?   

Lubrizol Gci2005 Image1a

We found one. 

And soon, you will be introduced to a phenomenal new peptide that’s destined to shake up the skincare market once again. Not only does this Argireline® active ingredient break new ground in minimizing expression wrinkles—it makes skin appear firmer, smoother and more luminous while diminishing rough patches and fine lines. In very little time, the intense anti-aging power of next-gen Argireline® visibly transforms tired, dull, aging skin into a more healthy, glowing and youthful complexion. What’s not to love? 

This New Peptide Even Comes in our Favorite Color: GreenThis New Peptide Even Comes in our Favorite Color: Green

Minimalism is not just about decluttering our lives to save time and money. It is also about making eco-conscious choices that help protect our environment. Consumers are looking to simplify their beauty routines and minimize the number of products used to preserve natural resources and reduce the volume of packaging that’s left behind.

For LLS-Beauty, reaching new horizons also means making beauty more sustainable. So, we work hard to apply the principles of green chemistry to everything we do—and the new Argireline® is no exception. But we will talk a little more about that later.

Stay tuned!


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