An advanced formula for conditioning hair


Balancing the effect of oil deposition and conditioning the hair without getting a greasy effect is a challenge that belongs in the past.

Sensoveil Soft is an innovative, plant-based ingredient that acts as a delivery system in lipid replacement by using intermolecular forces of attraction to form a biofilm on the capillary fibers. It works by building a bridge between the amino acids on the surface of the hair and natural sunflower, crambe and avocado oils for easy combing, frizz reduction, softness and shine. It’s a versatile additive that is suitable for all hair types, offers multicultural opportunity, and can be marketed as natural. This new ingredient follows the Fundamentals of Green Chemistry from the American Chemical Society without using organic solvents, with low energy consumption renewable feedstocks and efficient processes that minimize environmental impacts. It is also a 100% biodegradable. Get inspired: https://bit.ly/3fHJe3y




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