Broad Spectrum Cannabinoids for Maximize Skin Wellness


Naturally derived and THC free, Purple Haze Emulsion encapsulates the powerful activity of broad-spectrum cannabinoids from the hemp plant into an elegant fluid dispersion.  The unique, lightweight fluid absorbs quickly leaving skin soft, hydrated, rejuvenated and protected.  When used in formulations, it improves aesthetics, enhances stability and boosts biocompatibility of the otherwise difficult to formulate broad spectrum cannabinoids.  With its smoothing and hydrating capabilities, and the energizing lift it gives to skin cells, it will help your formulations reach new heights of skin wellness. 

Gene expression analysis shows Purple Haze Emulsion significantly upregulates SFRP1, while promoting expression of Aquaporin-9.  Upregulation of SFRP1 signals inhibition of the Wnt pathway.  Such activity has been reported to result in inhibition of melanogenesis and keloid formation.  Aquaporin-9 upregulation signals improved moisturization, as well as skin oxygenation and epidermal differentiation.   Together, these homeostasis stabilizing effects of Purple Haze Emulsion provide tremendous advantage in dealing with problem skin issues. Additionally, there was significantly more RNA collected from the cells that had been treated with Purple Haze Emulsion, giving further proof to its metabolism boosting ability. 

Bcr Gci2009 Graph

Purple Haze Emulsion will contribute enhanced efficacy to your skin care products – skin smoothing, optimization of barrier, enhancement of homeostasis, hydration & moisturization, and overall improvement in the appearance of the skin.


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