SKINBIOSIS™: microbiota and beyond


The skin is an ecosystem affected by the symbiosis of relationships between the various communities inhabiting it, called microbiota, and the natural mechanisms that ensure its physiological functions. It becomes necessary to take into account these two aspects when treating dry, mature, blemished, sensitive skin or uncomfortable scalp.

SILAB has developed SKINBIOSIS™, an unprecedented concept offering duos of active ingredients, which associate both the microbiota and the natural biological pathways to reach a steady cutaneous balance:

-       DRY SKIN, preservation of the microbiota & nutrition: LACTOBIOTYL® + NUTRIPEPTIDES®

-       MATURE SKIN, re-equilibrate the microbiota & aging well: ECOBIOTYS® + WELLAGYL®

-       BLEMISHED SKIN, inhibition of “bad bacteria” & regulation of desquamation: ERMAPUR® HP + RECOVERINE®

-       SENSITIVE SKIN, reinforcement of natural defenses & soothing effect: INDUFENCE® + NEUROFENSE®

-       UNCOMFORTABLE SCALP, barrier to dandruff problems & anti-irritant effect: ADANDRINE® + CAPICALM®

SKINBIOSIS™ provides cosmetic solutions adapted to all skin types.


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