A novel ingredient to soothe scalp respectful of its microbiota


Tackle scalp’s sensitivity, not its microbiota

Hair beauty requires a healthy scalp, but for the 40% of the population suffering from scalp sensitivity, it can be difficult to achieve as scratching can lead to desquamation and sebum overproduction, which means dandruffs apparition and greasy hair. People with sensitive scalps search for products with anti-irritants, sebum control or anti-dandruff properties, among others. However, these products contain harsh ingredients and modify scalp composition that can dysregulate their scalp’s microbiota and potentially generate new issues.
EquiScalp™, a new active ingredient developed by Clariant Active Ingredients and its partner Biospectrum, modulates biological reactions that lead to sensitive skin. It consequently reduces visual surface markers of this sensitivity, such as redness and squames, as demonstrated by a clinical trial conducted on 40 volunteers selected for their scalp sensitivity. Additional evaluation showed that EquiScalp does not modify the scalp’s microbiota, even after 28 days of use. It offers formulators new potential to develop powerful soothing scalp care formulations for consumers keen to reduce their symptoms and be gentle to their scalp. Discover more here.


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