Revinage®: an effective alternative for retinol treatments day&night


Retinoids are among the most prescribed and recommended actives in dermatology due to their fundamental biological effects; however, they are most often limited to evening use, resulting in constant interruptions in treatment due to its potential adverse effects.

The good news is that natural solutions, without adverse effects, are currently available on the market for continuous pro-aging treatment.

Revinage® is a retinol-like active, made from a supercritical extract of Bidens pilosa—an advanced green chemical technology—that allows access to highly-concentrated extracts, which are free of solvents and process residues, resulting in a completely clean and eco-friendly product. 

The most significant difference Revinage® has to offer is that it works the same as retinols, proven by in silico studies, while being completely safe for continuous use – day and night.

Available version palm free. Get inspired: https://bit.ly/3ieumuD


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