Ashland boosts home pamper trend with new ‘dreamy textures’ collection


Dreamy textures are a collection of four formulations that deliver novel consumer winning textures using nature derived ingredients.

beauty sleep gel cream:  Delightfully luxurious and fresh, quick vanishing texture. 
counting sheep butter-in-gel: Innovative texture that transforms into a smooth cream, that melts on the skin.
resetting lunar mask: A novel cream texture that resets to a smooth surface after each use. 
dreamy renewing butter: Deliciously rich, buttery texture that disperses on contact with skin leaving a powdery, velvety finish.

Discover our nature-derived ingredients that feature in these new formulations

natrosol™ plus 330 CS and polysurf™ 67 CS HMHEC: Nature-derived rheology modifiers that offer efficient thickening and enable novel, playful textures.

lubrajel* oil PF hydrogel: Nature-derived, biodegradable moisturizer that provides the hydration, high slip and light feel of lubrajel oil in a preservative free hydrogel. 

nightessence™ biofunctional: Natural extract from premium true lavender to renew and illuminate the skin while you sleep.


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