Color Your World Differently with SynMira Sparkle, by Sandream Impact


The time to make a statement is here. Expressing individuality is critical in halting the monotony of the ensuing pandemic. Color has been shown to affect mood and psychological well-being. Whether it be the clothes you wear, the walls that surround you or the makeup you apply to your face, color can be an uplifting remedy to the blues. Sandream Impact, a well-known color house and specialty chemical supplier to the personal care industry, can be part of the solution.

The introduction of SynMira Sparkle, a new line of multifaceted color variable pearls, extends and energizes its already expansive portfolio of cosmetic pigments. The SynMira collection consists of over 30 unique synthetic mica pearlescent pigments, each possessing its own transcendent color experience, and SynMira Sparkle takes options to new heights. Four radiant shades shift through three distinct color tones as the observed angle is altered. The particle size range of 25-100 µm offers excellent coverage and just the right amount of drama. SynMira Sparkle is comprised of synthetic fluorphlogopite, silica, iron oxides, titanium dioxide and tin oxide. These stunning, versatile pearls are globally compliant and will deliver dazzling shine and dimension to a wide array of cosmetic and personal care applications.


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Above the mask beauty is at the forefront in today’s new normal. Emphasis on the areas that are visible is important to those seeking a glimmer of light in an uncertain world. Eye makeup, including eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, brow pigment and highlighters that extend to the temples, is on the rise. The SynMira Sparkles are a perfect choice, delivering multiple colors enveloped in each pearl. Cheerful effects are created, such as mesmerizing eyelids and "rainbrows", which will surely draw attention. 


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The nail industry is booming, being another avenue of self-expression for those who love to accessorize their hands with beautiful color. The fluidity of color travel, paired with the intrinsic nature of high shine nail lacquer, is a marriage made in heaven. SynMira Sparkle exhibits exquisite properties in gel or traditional nail polish and may be utilized at 4% for a full coverage effect.

Even though the lip and lower face might be undercover more often today, taking advantage of unveiled moments is embraced. Date night, video calls, excursions outside or just for a pick-me-up, applying a lip gloss or colorful highlighter can be a powerful tool to boost confidence. The SynMira Sparkle collection may be utilized to illuminate a variety of skin tones and offers endless possibilities to makeup mediums targeting this segment. The color variable aspect of these pearlescent pigments performs ideally with stick, gloss, cream, powder and even transfer resistant formulations.


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The use of synthetic mica continues to grow as the benefits are numerous to formulators and personal care product manufacturers. With an extremely low heavy metal profile, clean and bright substrate creating vivid colors, narrow particle distribution curve, eco-friendly nature and competitive pricing, the choice is ideal. SynMira Sparkle is also vegan and cruelty-free, producing bold statements while being the conscious selection.

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