who captures the dance of the wind and the kiss of the woods? - santalwood™ biofunctional


Santalwood biofunctional is a natural extract from Santalum album developed with artificial intelligence for aging well. Obtained by supercritical CO2 extraction from upcycled wood chips, this unique and patented biofunctional leverages the forest therapy trend, a trend also known as shinrin-yoku in Japan. Forests often deliver large amounts of odorant molecules, identified as “forest VOCs.” Sandalwood produces forest VOCs that form only with the right mix of genetics and environmental factors. Santalwood biofunctional captures selective forest VOCs from the sandalwood and enhances skin olfactory receptors shown to decrease with age and air pollution. It reduces skin cell senescence and helps mitigate air pollution damage. It has clinically proven benefits on skin regeneration, firmness, wrinkles and on the skin olfactory signature of aging. Santalwood biofunctional is oil soluble and can be formulated into a wide range of beauty products for well aging. www.ashland.com/santalwood


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