Improve shine and color for bleached, dyed and natural hair


According to Mintel, the word shine is the second most researched benefit in hair products. It has been mentioned in 40% of worldwide launches in this category since 2012.

ProShine is a new ingredient for use in hair care formulations. It is 100% plant-based, and follows the guidelines of Green Chemistry. ProShine intensifies the brightness and enhances the color of bleached, dyed and natural hair.

Molecular structure involving refractive index, reflection index and intermolecular interactions between hair fiber cuticle and chemical functions present in the molecules, were studied during its development.


  • Shine increased 127% in bleached hair, 42% in dyed hair and 19% in natural Caucasian hair
  • Shine appeared 428% greater on bleached hair and 184% greater on natural hair when compared to placebos
  • Enhances both natural color or dyed hair
  • Eco-friendly; 100% biodegradable

Let your creations shine bright with ProShine. Learn more and request a sample at: https://bit.ly/3lvrbSI


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