EXCELLENT Rheology Modifiers with Bentonite Clay


Acme-Hardesty is proud to partner with Eckart to offer a line of rheology modifiers based on bentonite clays. This portfolio includes the GELWHITE and OPTIGEL lines. Both product lines are based upon the natural white smectite minerals. They are both opaque thickeners with thixotropic flow behavior for use in water-based formulations. They offer stability in high and low pH and are extremely temperature stable. If you are looking for natural based rheology modifiers, the GELWHITE or OPTIGEL products are a perfect match.


GELWHITE H-XR is a thickener used in water-based systems for decorative or personal care applications. It is a highly purified white bentonite, manufactured from carefully selected, extremely pure ore deposits. It exhibits low acid demand and interacts with both inorganic and organic cations. GELWHITE H-XR is ideally suited for formulations to reduce syneresis as well as providing a controlled viscosity.

  • Properties in Formulation: Various properties make GELWHITE the preferred rheological additive for water-based systems in color cosmetics and personal care: 
    • Surfactant Compatibility: Can be used with anionic and nonionic surfactants. 
    • Solvent Tolerance: Can be used in the presence of up to 30 % alcohol or other water-miscible solvents.
    • Temperature Stability: Products formulated with GELWHITE remain stable. 
  • Multifunctional Benefits: GELWHITE products provide a unique combination of rheological and cosmetic benefits: 
    • Thixotropic thickening.
    • Anti-settling effect, suspension of beads, pigments, and other particles. 
    • Prevention of phase separation and syneresis.
    • Stabilization of O/W emulsions.
    • Skin Feel: Due to the uniform shape of the platelets and their ability to glide easily over one another, GELWHITE adds smoothness and improves “lubricity” without being sticky.
    • Sebum Absorption: GELWHITE is a highly absorbent material that removes impurities on the skin, such as oils and toxins.
    • It can be used as a filler or a binder in cosmetic applications.
  • Applications: Due to these benefits, GELWHITE rheological additives are used in the following cosmetic and personal care products: 
    • Creams and Lotions 
    • Anti-wrinkle Lotions 
    • Facial Masks 
    • Shower Gels 
    • Sunscreens 
    • Shampoos
    • Makeup / Decorative Products
    • Acne Applications


OPTIGEL WX is an organically modified bentonite product with Xanthan Gum. OPTIGEL WX is used as a thixotropic thickener in water-based systems with excellent anti-settling and stabilizing properties. OPTIGEL WX is stable against diluted acids and bases and is particularly effective in any pH system.

  • Properties and Effects:
    • Thixotropic stabilization.
    • Anti-settling effect, suspension of beads, pigments and other particles.
    • Prevention of phase separation and syneresis.
    • Stabilization of O/W emulsions.
    • Can be used with anionic and nonionic surfactant systems.
    • pH stability between 2-12.
    • Delivers a smooth feel without being tacky.
  • Applications:
    • Creams and Lotions​
    • Anti-wrinkle Lotions​
    • Face Masks​
    • Bath and Shower Gels
    • ​Sunscreen Products​
    • Makeup


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