Sustainable sourced botanicals from around the World.


Sustainably-sourced Botanicals from Around the World

Made in France and in the United States, Actismart™ SW extracts are prized for their natural beauty-enhancing value. Each known for their aesthetic and medicinal benefits, the extracts originate from a variety of sources including plants, flowers and fruits. 
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Actismart™ SW extracts are harvested utilizing Phenobio subcritical water technology. The technology is an alternative to conventional solvents, allowing the extraction of a broader range of phytoactives using only water as the extraction solvent. This is all completed with a short extraction time with no thermal degradation associated, to provide pure, sustainable and ecologically conscious extracts. 
In addition, along with this sustainable extraction technology, most of the extracts come from organic certified raw materials, and some are upcycled byproducts from the food, spice, paper and forestry industries for an additional environmental benefit. 
Lubrizol is committed to developing ingredients that are not only effective, but also sustainable and as natural as possible. Actismart™ SW extracts are a great example of that commitment, providing beauty benefits from a natural resource and sourced through an innovative, eco-friendly process.
To learn more about the full line of Actismart™ SW extracts, visit Lubrizol.com/beauty. 


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