Biodegradable active ingredient for hair realignment and frizz control [sample request]


For a long time, straight hair was considered a standard of beauty, giving space to straightening techniques that have evolved, ranging from thermal to chemical processes, increasing the performance and durability of the effects. Although the hair straightening and relaxation category represents $1 billion worldwide, recent data from Euromonitor has identified a significant market drop in the leading hair care regions. Consumers are looking for more conscious alternatives that allow immediate and damage-free transitions, in search of flexibility with their hair to enhance their natural beauty and frizz control.

Inspired by the trend, we created Allinea, a 100% biodegradable active ingredient that has an action mechanism supported by the upcycling concept, which promotes an umbrella effect and advanced frizz control. Request a sample at: https://bit.ly/3nJ8E8y


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