JD Lusteris™ – The Power of Softness [sample request]


Explore the power of softness in a new sustainable and biodegradable ingredient, JD LusterisTM

JD LusterisTM by Jojoba Desert is a unique premium emollient inspired by the cosmetic industry’s need for green, responsibly sourced, sustainable alternative for silicones.

Originated from jojoba oil and manufactured through a solvent-free process, JD LusterisTM offers an extraordinary light, silky, sensory profile. 

Its precise composition of short and long Jojoba chains makes it a suitable alternative to nonvolatile low viscosity silicones, resulting in sebum control properties, deep soothing effect, acne-prone skin improvement benefits, as well as hair and scalp protection.

JD LusterisTM is biodegradable, responsibly sourced, and eco-friendly. It is China compliant, vegan compatible and NOI 1 according to ISO 16128. 

This extraordinary ingredient is ideally suited for multiple applications, such as skin care, acne products, hair care, sun care, color cosmetics and more. 

To learn more about the technology and the claims it affords brands, Global Cosmetic Industry program director Jeb Gleason-Allured spoke with Anna Aharoni, Ph.D., head of R&D, Jojoba Desert. 

Click here to learn more about the technology and view the full conversation.

Jojoba Screen Shot

Feel the power of softness.

For information, studies and free R&D sample: https://www.jojobadesert.com/lp-jd-lusteris/

Jojoba Desert (A.C.S.) Ltd. is the world’s leading Jojoba oil manufacturer and provider, based in the heart of the Israeli desert.  Leveraging over 30 years of pioneering spirit, world-class technological advances, agronomic experience and manufacturing expertise, JD provides various Jojoba products and active ingredients to top cosmetics brands, manufacturers, laboratories and distributors worldwide. For additional information, please contact Adva Ambar, Global Marketing and Brand Director, at [email protected].


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