Be One of the First to Explore the World of Macroalgae


CELEBRITY™ is the world's first macroalgae cell culture technology to offer the benefits of gametophytes. These entities are unstable in the ocean, living for only a few weeks before transforming. They are therefore not available in large quantities.

However, thanks to the CELEBRITY™ cell culture technology, SEPPIC now offers its Ephemer™ extract of Undaria pinnatifida brown algae gametophytes, i.e., macroalgae cells in the reproductive stages of their lifecycle, for an "ephemeral" experience—a brief moment with long-lasting impact.

Ephemer™ has the ability to provide an immediate and lasting antioxidant effect. Proven through in vivo testing, after 28 days, Ephemer™ reinforced the antioxidant capacities of the skin. The genes of Eve, i.e., mitochondrial DNA, also were protected and after two months, the micro relief and roughness of the skin was reduced in vivo.


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