BASF Introduces Cosmedia® Ace

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Consumers seek novelty from Skin Care products, driving the need for interesting textures and sensory cues in this market segment. They have many choices in this market so Consumer Packaged Goods Companies need to develop formulations that deliver unique skin benefits as well as improved product experience. Formulators developing these products seek easy to use and multifunctional ingredients to achieve exciting formulations, textures and sensory cues. Skin Care polymers are commonly used in these products to positively influence the rheology, texture, stability and sensory properties of formulations to achieve the desired benefits.

Cosmedia® Ace is a new liquid dispersion polymer that offers strong emulsifying properties with elegant textures and velvety skin after feel. It demonstrates a strong thickening ability over a broad pH range and is suitable for a variety of applications. This polymer is the “one” solution for your emulsions with enhanced viscosity response in comparison to other liquid dispersion polymers. Cosmedia® Ace is also cost-effective ingredient that can be added easily to any stage of your formulation, hot or cold.

Add more life to your Skin Care products with Cosmedia® Ace!


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