BASF’s New Cosmetic Actives Keep Skin Radiant and Hydrated


Prevention is vital to preserving beauty and health. BASF’s latest anti-pollution concept features four innovative products to prevent distinct skin issues caused by stressing agents, like urban pollution.

Purisoft™, a Moringa Oleira seed extract, acts as the skin’s first layer of defense, protecting from particle adhesion and aiding with cleansing. PatcH2O™, a micro-molecular film, offers the next layer of defense, keeping the skin’s barrier intact and preventing penetration. Arganyl™, a sustainable Argan extract, prevents oxidative stress and macromolecule degradation, while Eperuline™, an Eperua Falcata Bark extract, prevents inflammation. 

Keep the skin looking radiant and hydrated with BASF’s diverse portfolio of cosmetic actives.


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