InfraGuard: Powerful Protection Against IR-Induced Photo-Aging


Infrared rays (IR) are known to penetrate deeper into the skin than UV-rays. Due to radical formation, they inhibit mitochondrial energy production, which is essential for the healthy functioning of our cells and tissues. Based on organic sunflower shoots and powerful antioxidants from the tara tree, InfraGuard efficiently neutralizes radicals and protects the skin against IR oxidative stress.

• Protects mitochondrial DNA

• Blocks IR-induced free radical formation

• Inhibits light-induced skin aging – even in deep skin layers

Clinical tests carried out during the summer holidays proved that IR adversely affects our skin as UV protection with SPF 30 alone did not protect against the loss of firmness and density. However, upgrading the SPF 30 cream with InfraGuard significantly improved these skin parameters. Consequently InfraGuard opens the doors to a new generation of sun care formulation.


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