EPOPACK was reborn from a volunteer experience in a recycling station


EPOPACK Co. Ltd is a leading manufacturer of sustainable packaging in the cosmetics industry. With 30 years of continuous and advanced technology improvements along with a number of aesthetic refinements, EPOPACK offers high quality products worldwide, including PET heavy wall bottles and jars, 100% PCR PET bottles and jars, PP/ AS/ PETG airless bottles. Products can be highly customized with attachments options and a variety of decoration services.

A wake-up call from a volunteer experience in a recycling station transformed EPOPACK to be a better company. Focusing on providing sustainable material and designing products with an earth caring mindset. Visit EPOPACK’s YouTube channel and learn more about it.

Helping brands to present their stories, to stand out from other competitors and to choose the right material, and show the respect to the earth is what pushes EPOPACK work around the clock.

Packaging from EPOPACK is not a silent salesperson, it’s the loud one. Send us a request or visit our website: www.epopack.com


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