What Is This Special Combo of PET Plastic & Heavy-Wall Style?


Picture how a product stands out (via packaging):

Take a robust, luxury material like Heavy Wall.

Then get the most recyclable material like PET plastic.

And combine them.

Yet few brands are aware that you can present your product in glass-like quality using fully sustainable plastic. And this is what makes the PET Heavy Wall material a potent choice for your packaging.

Taiwanese manufacturer EPOPACK has mastered the art of PET Heavy Wall cosmetic packaging.

Beyond eco-friendly luxury, brands and traders working with EPOPACK get:

  • Safer-than-glass shatterproof construction (“heavy” refers to sturdiness, not weight)
  • More affordable shipping than glass containers, as it is a lighter material
  • A plethora of options, sizes and attachments to fit the ideal vision of your product, from decorating to dispensing

It could be the secret edge for the savvy modern cosmetic brand.

The AX Series allows your customer to experience the product just as you desire and it comes in two sizes:

1. 18 ml / 0.6 oz

2. 60 ml / 2.0 oz

Now, the most common sizes are 15 ml and 50 ml... 

So this slightly-larger style immediately sets your brand apart. It feels fuller in the hand. You can position your sales around “added value” if you choose. The bottles will also stand out next to competitors on the shelf. 

To get samples of AX series, or to receive the latest catalogue version, email project manager Amy Pan: [email protected]


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