Precision Dispensing & Self-Cleaning – TD Series


Your luxury eco-friendly bottle just got an upgrade.

A common user complaint is that cosmetic product gets messy or dries out around the opening of a package.

In the case of serum or oil products for hair care or skin care, sometimes a dropper attachment is required. The droppers tend to drag a certain amount of product out around them, which can form into a residue. It's not only unsightly, but many users see it as wasteful.

Now, our TD Series Bottles come with a special option for droppers that will eliminate this problem.

There is a wiper add-on, so that as the user pulls out the dropper, the wiper cleans the residue off the tube.

The TD Series is designed in a vintage apothecary-type shape. They are made from sustainable PET Heavy Wall plastic material and can also be done in 100% PCR PET if you wish.

The three sizes are sample and travel friendly:

These Heavy Wall bottles are sturdy and luxurious, with a glass-like look but a shatterproof design. This is an ideal choice for e-commerce brands looking for more shipping safety.

EPOPACK is a 30+ year Taiwanese manufacturer of eco-friendly cosmetic packaging. A pioneer of the PET Heavy Wall and 100% Post-Consumer Recycled bottles and jars, we serve luxury cosmetic brands and OEMs. Our focus is on customizable containers that are both elegant and sustainable.

To get a brand assessment and obtain samples, contact our project manager Amy Pan: [email protected]


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