Fusion Slim Wand – A Sleek and Versatile New Stock Pack


HCP Packaging’s new Fusion Slim Wand is a sleek and versatile new stock pack, suitable for lipstick, highlighter, contouring, concealer and any other twist-up stick products.

The existing 578 slimstick is now developed with an elongated base profile for improved precision application. The cap and base are flush for a seamless, sleek appearance and the base can be weighted to add a premium feel. The cap and base (made of ABS) can be extensively decorated via metallization, spraying or printing, while the A-shell can be anodized and screen printed. The mechanism is 8.6 mm.

For more information about any of HCP Packaging’s stock ranges or finishing capabilities, please contact your local representative or visit: www.hcpackaging.com


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