Plastic Waste Collected from the Ocean used to create Quality Packaging

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Seacliff Beauty is proud to partner exclusively with Tide Ocean SA to introduce ocean plastic packaging in the beauty industry.

Using #tide’s premium material, Seacliff Beauty creates high-quality packaging made from 100% ocean-bound plastic. The final PET, PP, HDPE and LDPE outputs are fully customizable and can be applied to a great variety of skincare, cosmetics, and hair care products.

As part of our Sea of Change movement we are working toward a more sustainable future through our partnership with #tide increasing our social and environmental impact. 

Social Impact -

●     Ocean-bound plastic collection creates jobs in rural and developing countries

●     Pays fair wages and additional income

●     Creates a much-needed waste management system

Environmental Impact 

●     Recycling saves 52% of energy

●     Upcycling creates 79% less CO2 emissions than production of virgin material

●     Protects the fauna and flora in and around our oceans

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How it’s Made

Plastic is collected from the oceans, inflows, coastlines and on uncontrolled landfills. The plastic waste is sorted, washed, shredded and shipped to one of #tide's compounding facilities.

In cooperation with the Swiss University of Applied Sciences, #tide developed a mechanical process that turns ocean-bound plastic into a premium award-winning raw material made of 100% ocean-bound plastic.

In the development phase, each packaging is carefully tested for performance to ensure the best quality. The results have shown that #tide ocean material® is a perfect replacement for virgin plastics. This can be explained by the fact that #tide’s mechanical upcycling formula is able to fully regenerate the components of ocean-bound plastic waste to a virgin level.

The final PET, PP, HDPE and LDPE outputs are fully customizable and can be applied to a great variety of skin care, cosmetics and hair care products. 

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Interested in learning more? Connect with Seacliff Beauty online or email [email protected] to see how you can use 100% Ocean Plastic packaging for your upcoming projects.

About Seacliff Beauty

Seacliff Beauty is a cutting-edge California based packaging company that creates award winning customized solutions adapted to the needs of their customers. While being constantly aware of changes in the beauty industry, the company is committed to implementing sustainable solutions within the beauty industry. Seacliff’s team works hand in hand with top engineers and global industry leaders to create the most unique and eco-friendly designs. Visit www.seacliffbeauty.com to learn more.



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