Your Packaging Talks: How Natural Brands Project Luxury From The Shelf

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Do you have a product that leans on natural ingredients, green lifestyle, or endorsement from a medical professional?

Then this message is for you. 

The challenge is to communicate your stance and your advantage from the shelf, next to all the other products. 

Yes, your branding, your celebrity endorsement, your label design will help. But what if we said that ultimately the packaging has to do the heavy lifting? 

Think of the consumer, standing in front of the shelf (or the online catalog) with dozens of choices. 

If you pick the right container, you can stand out. 

Here's how: 

Say "Luxury" With Clarity & Construction

Put aside the shape for a second; you can have any shape you want. 

Does it look firm and sturdy? If you opt for a clear container, does it appear like glass? 

At Epopack, we specialize in PET plastic that mimics glass bottles and jars. While being shatterproof and weighing less than glass. 

The best of both worlds. Packaging that looks and feels luxurious. 

Say "Sustainability" With Easily Recyclable Mono-Material 

What is the most recyclable plastic? It is PET. 

We make PET containers with PET cap options so that all the material is easy to recycle. And if you demand maximum sustainability, we can also produce every shape in 100% post-consumer recycled PET plastic. 

When a product stands for nature or health, do you want it to come in a container that will clog and poison a landfill? Do your customers want to be known for buying such a product? Of course not. 

If you claim to stand for an eco-friendly lifestyle, then it helps when your packaging matches it. 

A Steady Supply of These Beautiful, Eco-Friendly Cosmetic Packages are Being Made Right Now in Taiwan 

At Epopack, these are the types of containers we produce for you. 

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