Quick-Turn and Creative Space-Savers: Expanded Content Labels

Premium Gci2304 Lead

Need more space than a traditional label can fit? From FDA regulatory information and Global Harmonization Standards (GHS) to multi-lingual directions and product promotions, expanded content labels increase the area of packaging needed to convey a large amount of information not typically included on the prime label. Premium Labels & Packaging Solutions have been leaders in the ECL category for decades and offer a wide variety of conventional and custom options to address regulations without sacrificing brand goals.

“Our cosmetic and personal care clients come to us because we offer an extensive portfolio and faster turnarounds than industry averages,” said Dan Kroger, the company’s vice president of sales. “We can also combine a few of our capabilities to produce some very creative ECLS like scented plow-fold and dry release labels and prime/booklet combo Labels with up to 10 colors and 60 pages.”

Other Expanded Content options include multiple options in the booklet, wrap, peel and reseal labels categories.

In addition to the ECLs, the company offers a comprehensive suite of products that range from pressure sensitive, shrink sleeve and flexible packaging to highly specialized packaging solutions, typically not offered under one roof. With this model, they can support clients throughout an entire project from package prototyping to market testing to full production runs.


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