Are You Putting A Great Oil Product In A Leaking Bottle?

Epopack Gci2304 Lead

Oil-based products can be particularly difficult to contain, as they are often prone to leaking through the smallest of gaps in the packaging.

A PET screw-on cap with a PET heavy wall bottle is an ideal packaging solution for beauty products such as toner, makeup remover and oil because it helps prevent leakage.

The cap from the AV series from Epopack includes a dual seal function.

This means that the cap is designed to provide two layers of protection to prevent leakage and spillage.

The cap features a stopper in the center of the cap inside that can be plugged into the opening of the reducer. The stopper helps provide a first layer of protection against leakage. In addition to the stopper, the cap also includes a seal ring around it. The seal ring is designed to press on the surface of the reducer, creating a second seal to provide additional protection against leakage.

This dual seal function helps to ensure that the product stays securely contained inside the bottle, even when it is being transported or stored.

Heavy wall style is a popular trend in beauty packaging that involves creating thick, sturdy walls for packaging containers. This style is often used for high-end beauty products, as it gives the packaging a luxurious and premium feel.

One of the main benefits of heavy wall style is that it creates a sense of weight and substance. When customers pick up a heavy wall container, they immediately feel its quality and durability. This can create a positive first impression and help to establish a brand's reputation for producing high-quality products.

AV series comes with 4 different sizes: 30 ml, 60 ml, 120 ml, 150 ml, it is perfect for standard full size products or travel sets. Epopack also provides decoration services to customize the products according to your needs.

Overall, the combination of a PET screw-on cap with a PET heavy wall bottle from AV series at Epopack is an excellent choice for beauty products such as toner, makeup remover and oil.

This type of packaging provides both durability and multiple layers of protection against leakage, ensuring that the product remains safe and secure until it is ready to be used.

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