Lumson launches the new APP LIGHT and broadens the JAPA range

Lumson Gci2302 Lead

After ending 2022 with a growth of more than +20%, Lumson is ready for new challenges and will meet cosmetics business executives at MakeUp LA 2023 – booth C39.

The 50 ml PCR PE APP LIGHT, one of the new products that will be presented at the show, will broaden the range of airless bottles with a pouch. It is 25% lighter than the current APP355, as the thickness of the bottle is reduced. It is also more sustainable, thanks to its material (80% PCR HDPE + 20% HDPE).

Other improvements concern CO2 emissions. A SPICE analysis (an international platform measuring products and processes sustainability) showed that the CO2 emissions from the production of the APP 355 LIGHT are 19% lower than those from the production of the APP START (another one of Lumson PE airless products).

This solution also guarantees the integrity of the formula. Thanks to the multi-layer pouch that creates a barrier against external agents and protects the formula from any kind of contamination, the APP 355 Light is Lumson’s answer for a more sustainable plastic AIRLESS package. The bottle can be coupled with the PCR PP AA355 Lumson pump, to push further the sustainability aspect.

As far as rechargeable glass jars concern, at MakeUp LA 2023 Lumson will also present two new Japa jars in both 15 ml and 50 ml sizes together with one of its best-sellers: RE PLACE, the rechargeable glass jar beloved by brands and consumers (available in two designs Deluxe and Unique).

A creative and practical solution that perfectly embraces the principles of circular economy (reduce, reuse, recycle) and embodies three concepts of sustainable design: Re-Think (packaging is reconsidered under an ECO-design perspective), Re-Gen (the refill cup gives new life to the glass jar), Re-Act (brands and consumers actively participate in the environmental impact reduction process). REPLACE is the perfect choice to add value to skin care products and to educate the final user, promoting a more eco-friendly and conscious behavior.

Add a cool graphic design, which is highly recognizable and easy to customize (even the inner cup can be personalized with the colors and graphics of the brand). These solutions perfectly embody the excellence, state-of-the-art spirit and focus on sustainability of the Italian company.

“On this occasion we will present some novelties and several ‘must have packages’ in our portfolio, all of them focused on being functional in a sustainable way. Our objective is to shape the future of packaging with particular attention to the environment. Lumson is focused on designing and developing solutions that meet ethical, environmental and economic sustainability criteria” said president Matteo Moretti.


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