Next Gen packaging: the future with Squeezy Bottles

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The latest trend to hit the beauty industry is the emergence of “care culture.” Stress relieving beauty routines are the latest in wellness, driving beauty consumers to opt for minimalist packaging with stressbusting, tactile effects. Consumers are seeking products that deliver beauty, health and wellness all-in-one, and our ICS Exclusive Squeezy Bottles are the selfcare solution.

ICS offers squeezy bottles in various shapes, sizes and percentages of PE mixes for optimal “squeeziness.” Made with sustainability in mind, our PE bottles are easily recyclable and available with recyclable PP flip-top, disc-top, screw-on and nozzle caps options. Our squeezy bottles can also be decorated with one pass or multiple passes of silkscreen or hot stamp deco to achieve your brands’ logo or aesthetic requirements.

Ics Gci2303 Image1Due to the versatility of ICS squeezy bottles, they are ideal for skin care, hair care and body care formulations, such as cleansers, gels, masks, serums, creams and more. Featured is our ICS Exclusive Boston Round Squeezy Bottle with two passes silkscreen, available in 150 ml and 250 ml with recyclable PE bottle and PP cap.

The minimalist, playful shapes and squeezy tactile nature of our bottles create a fun, stress-relieving beauty packaging experience that modern beauty consumers are seeking in a new era of “emotional beauty.”

ICS also has a wide selection of various other sustainable, minimalist packaging options, such as mono-material packaging, glass, paper, aluminum packaging, refillable packaging and more.

Visit the ICS website or contact [email protected] for more information on the future with squeezy bottles.


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