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Get a Luxe Look for Less with Labels

Packaging must be on point to stand out on shelves and online. However, rising costs for high-end components have forced some companies to give products a make-under rather than pass along increases to consumers. Instead of opting out of elegance, some beauty brands have tapped their label suppliers to find cost-effective, value-engineered solutions.

Leslie Gurland, vice president of sales and marketing for Premium Label & Packaging Solutions (PLPS), says, “Label effects are produced using various techniques with specialty inks, varnishes, laminations and substrates. Skilled converters can achieve a look to replace expensive tinted or metallic containers with shrink sleeves, create a dupe for pricey embellishments with a UV silkscreen, and develop a custom texture that looks and feels like leather or snakeskin.”

Gurland notes that adding dimension to a label opens up an array of design options to differentiate products in the crowded personal care and beauty aisles.

“Options can range from strong to subtle. We often partner with a client’s creative team to make their vision a reality,” Gurland says.

Some of the most popular options at PLPS include:

  • Soft Touch is a type of coating that gives the label a velvet-like texture and enhances its high-end look.
  • Spot UV Coating brings a unique element by emphasizing specific areas of the label. Using a thicker coating has a 3D effect and can be used quite effectively in the overall design.
  • Glitter amps up the glam by adding glitter particles to spot UV coating.
  • Pearlescent is glitter's more understated counterpart by producing a shimmering, reflective effect that feels lush to the touch.
  • Cold Foil produces brilliant metallic effects and can print fine lines, reverse outs, halftones and full tones.
  • Cast & Cure is a decorative coating process that integrates multiple techniques for a look that can include a mix of glossy, matte and holographic finishes.

Seeing is believing. For a sample of the award-winning label converter’s specialty finish work, a quote, or to discuss a project, email us at [email protected].


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