Metal Mania at ICONS|ICS with New Collection of Metal Tip Packaging

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Packaging with metal tips and rollerballs have long been a staple in the wellness industry and their popularity is now expanding into other beauty categories. ICONS|ICS has a wide selection of metal-tip applicators and rollers that instantly upgrade your packaging and offer many application benefits. Perfect for a wide range of eye, lip, face, lash and brow formulations.


• Premium metal tip applicators instantly upgrade your packaging

• Self-cooling metal tips help awaken the skin on application

• Provide soothing, cooling, invigorating and massaging effects

• Hygienic, they are easily cleaned and reused

• Deliver the right amount of formulation with no waste or build-up in the applicator

Metal Tip Collection: 

ICONS|ICS collection of metal tip applicators includes new spatula, spiral, tapered and teardrop shapes. We also have bristle-free, spiral metal mascaras for lashes and brows, designed for precise and clump-free application.

Our metal tip applicators are made of Zamac or stainless steel, known for their durability and compatibility.

Icons Ic Other Graphic Element For Gci 800pxProduct Categories:

Tube and wand packaging with metal tip applicators are great options for lip, lash, brow formulations as well as concealer, blemish treatments and serums. Featured are ICONS|ICS’ newest tubes with rollerballs and wands with stainless steel or Zamac applicators. ICONS|ICS tubes with metal applicators are available in 16mmD and 19mmD sizes.

Sustainable Options:

Add an eco-edge to your metal tip packaging by integrating PCR materials into bottles, caps and tube sleeves. Tubes are also available in ocean plastics and sugarcane.

Our dedicated product development teams will help bring your vision to life. Visit the ICONS|ICS website to see our full packaging range or contact [email protected] for more information.        


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