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Pilot Chemical Co.

United States
Phone: 1-513-326-0600 or 1-800-707-6548
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Established in 1952, privately owned Pilot Chemical is a global chemical company providing high- quality specialty surfactants to the personal care; disinfecting, sanitizing, and cleaning; metalworking and lubricant; oilfield; and emulsion polymerization industries. Customer-focused and market driven, the company’s core proprietary technologies involve alkylation, sulfonation, sulfation, distillation, drying, custom blends and a number of other specialty operations. Pilot Chemical’s core strengths are: innovative products, proprietary technologies, product quality, safety, and flexible/responsive customer service. Its patented ice-cold sulfonation technologies produce the highest quality and lowest color products in the marketplace, and allow Pilot Chemical to introduce environmentally  friendly and economical products. Pilot is certified under the American Chemistry Council’s Responsible Care® program. Pilot’s industry renowned team of technical professionals, formulation chemists and applications specialists assure responsive and reliable customer assis- tance. Pilot Chemical has four ISO 9001-2008-registered manufacturing plants and a state-of-the-art order entry, purchasing and scheduling systems. Pilot’s domestic and global distributor network ensures customer responsiveness, flexibility, and consistent delivery of specialty products.


Pilot Chemical’s Product Families Calamide® & Masamide™ Amides • Caltaine® & Macat™ Betaines • CalBlend® Performance Blends • Calfoam® Alcohol/Ether sulfates • Calimulse® Sulfonates • Calsoft® Sulfonates & Sulfonic Acids • Calsuds® Detergent Concentrates • Maquat® Ammonium Chlorides • Masodol™ Alcohol Ethoxylates • Masopon™ Alkyl Polyglucoside Major Markets Personal care; emulsion polymerization; disinfecting, sanitizing, and cleaning; oil-soluble additives and inter- mediates; lubrication and metalworking additives; agriculture emulsifiers; and oilfield chemicals. Global Capabilities Pilot Chemical has extensive experience in worldwide distribution to multinational companies and customers. New Products Calsoft® AOS-40 HP – Unpreserved Alpha Olefin Sulfonate Calblend® PE – High performance blend with an environmentally-friendly preservative system Maquat® SC1632 – Naturally derived stearalkonium chloride for conditioners, creams, and lotions