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Pilot Chemical Co.

United States
Phone: 1-513-326-0600 or 1-800-707-6548
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Established in 1952, privately owned Pilot Chemical is a global environmentally conscious chemical company providing high-quality specialty surfactant chemistries to the personal care, emulsion polymerization, adhesive, sealant, paint, textile, lubricant, oil field, agriculture and household and industrial detergent industries. Pilot Chemical is customer-focused, market driven and ISO 9001 certified. All of Pilot’s products are APE and VOC free, and many are biodegradable, derived from natural renewable resources and 21 CFR approved. Pilot is a member of the ACC's Responsible Care® program.


Calblend® PE: A NEW high performance blend, with an eco-friendly preservative system that offers excellent viscosity building and rich, luxurious lather. Maquat®: Pilot specializes in EPA Registered Quaternary Compounds and Active Ingredients, which come with labels featuring an extensive claim base, unique use-sites, applications and formatting, and formulation options including a broad range of surfactant, dye, and fragrance choices