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Defy standard beauty routines with multi-sensory and non-traditional formats

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Consumers expect more and more of the personal care products they buy, equally demanding texture and sensory appeal alongside product efficacy.


Meanwhile, skin care trends continue to inspire the hair care market driving the need for constant reinvention in this space.

 The new challenge for formulators is finding the right texture and innovation-driven performance enhancements to entice the consumer and help them create an emotional connection with their products. To help formulators meet this challenge, BASF is introducing a new Hair Care Texture kit featuring six formulas pushing the envelope on traditional textures in hair care products.

Rejuvenate hair from the inside out preventing future damage with micro-proteins and 3D biopolymers

For natural hair strengthening and rejuvenation, BASF is introducing two micro-proteins: Gluadin® Kera-P LM and Nutrilan® Keratin LMproviding healing properties to damaged hair while fulfilling the demand for alternatives to the animal keratin protein. Lastly, PatcH2O®, a 3D molecular network of biopolymers, performs the controlled release of a moisturizing complex on both scalp and hair. PatcH2O forms a bio-barrier film on the hair to smooth and rehydrate damaged hair. On the scalp, PatcH2O provides immediate, cumulative and sustained scalp moisturization.

Reverse visible signs of skin aging through botanical actives powered by research in epigenetics and collagen production


Consumers are also wanting products that allow them to have a youthful appearance, and BASF is up to the task with two powerful bioactives. Collalift™ 18, an extract of African mahogany bark, improves the skin’s elasticity recovery and visibly reduces pores, lines, and wrinkles. It stimulates the synthesis of collagen XVIII, a key element of the skin’s basement membranes and the only collagenous proteoglycan with biological activity present in all skin layers – from surface to deeper layers.

Similarly, Dermagenist™helps brands meet their customers’ needs for achieving beautiful, youthful skin. Fibroblasts in particular hold the keys to producing components of the dermis matrix that give our skin many of its youthful properties. However, our lifestyle can alter this potential and accelerate skin ageing via epigenetic modifications. DNA methylation is a form of epigenetic modification and can be thought of as a stop sign in front of genes. As aging occurs and DNA methylation drift increases the amount of DNA promoter methylation, these methylation stop signs cause the gene to be expressed less, thus causing lower protein production. The fibroblasts’ genetic code is not changed but following methylation, the fibroblasts can become “dormant” and their metabolic capacity is reduced. The power of beauty is still there, but no longer expressed. Dermagenist is the first active ingredient that awakens fibroblasts by protecting them from deleterious epigenetic modifications and by stimulating their vitality. It injects vitality back into skin cells and awakens the skin’s dormant beauty.

To learn more about these innovations, join BASF at NYSCC Suppliers’ Day in NYC, May 2-3, 2017, Booth #803.


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