A dedicated eco-designed website for SILAB’s Actively Caring CSR program

Silab Gci2304 Lead

SILAB launches a website fully dedicated to Actively Caring, a comprehensive CSR program listing the company’s commitments, initiatives and sustainable goals. In a vision of transparency with all its stakeholder, this website gives access to the initiatives put in place by SILAB as part of the five pillars of this program (sustainable strategy, development of human potential, responsible sourcing, preserved environment and support of communities). This unique website will enable the user to easily access the level of information needed, from general overviews to very precise and factual elements. It will also highlight the main initiatives of the current year.

For this development, SILAB made the choice of an eco-designed website, available in English and French. Its goal therefore is to provide important insights on SILAB’s CSR strategy, at the same time as complying with criteria of digital simplicity. As the environmental impact of consulting internet sites is constantly increasing, it was designed to reduce energy consumption by judicious technical and editorial choices, which include green hosting, responsible development, “Mobile first” and streamlined design, seamless user experience, relevant contents, only essential functions and measurement of impact. This technical challenge is consistent with SILAB’s global sustainable strategy driven by continuous improvement.

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