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The predominant theme for 2024 in the beauty and personal care industry revolves around a renewed emphasis on what really matters most. Accupac’s 2024 Trend report outlines five trends reflecting this focus, with consumer shifts toward more effective products, a call for conscientious company practices, and a focus on prioritizing enjoyment. Consumers are seeking specialized, personalized solutions for individualized results, aiming for a happier, healthier look and feel.

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Within the comprehensive report, we delve into essential trends, providing insights into consumer perspectives and examine the significant impacts these trends have on the industry and new product development. For each of the five trends outlined in the report we will highlight which segments will be impacted, target claims, formats and textures and ingredients to watch.

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As an industry-leading CDMO, Accupac serves the most trusted brands in the beauty and personal care industries and is poised to assist your brand in realizing these trends all the way from formulation development, through to scale-up, manufacturing and commercialization.  Top of Form

At Accupac, we develop and manufacture some of the world’s greatest products for global CPGs, emerging Indie brands, and everything in between. We specialize in a wide range of cosmetic, over-the-counter and medical devices across skincare, hair care, oral care, and health care products.

At Accupac, we are makers who make a difference. We make a variety of different products for our customers, but beyond that, we strive to make a difference. We make a difference for our customers and the consumers they serve; we make a difference in the lives of our people, we make a difference in the community around us, and we make a difference in the health of our planet for a better, brighter, more beautiful future for all. Learn more at https://www.accupac.com.


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