Data-driven Approach to Formulating for Generational Beauty Preferences

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Data-driven Approach to Formulating for Generational Beauty Preferences

In the dynamic beauty industry, understanding and adapting to diverse generational preferences in makeup and skin care is essential for brands seeking to maintain relevance and capture market share, as well as foster brand loyalty and stay ahead of the curve.

In partnership with the Benchmarking Company, Vantage has developed a concept survey spanning more than 2,500 U.S. consumers of different generations and gathered feedback on the top concerns of each generation. The findings indicate each group’s distinct makeup and skin care preferences shaped by cultural influences, technological advancements and societal shifts.



To serve the distinct needs of each generation, spanning from Baby Boomers to Generation Alpha, we’ve carefully crafted a collection of 17 new formulations with our best-in-class hero ingredients like our new CURAZELIC® 44, a novel form of solubilized azelaic acid that helps improve performance in anti-acne face cleansers and clear formulation, and METAUPON® EZ AMBIO, the latest sulfate-free, liquid surfactant system developed for its versatility and compatibility with a broad range of rinse-off systems.

To drive sustained growth in an ever-changing market, brands can leverage these insights into generational beauty segments to develop innovative products. With our formulations as a starting point for your own creations, let us help you navigate generational differences in beauty preferences as you develop new products.

To learn more about our Beauty Across Generations formulations and hero ingredients, visit: Beauty Across Generations (vantagegrp.com).        


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