Shiseido Transforms to "Localize Marketing"

Beauty brand competition in Asia Pacific has heated up, with many companies boosting investments.

In response, Shiseido has established six strategic sectors—Japan, China, Asia Pacific, Americas, EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) and travel retailas part of an organizational restructuring that is turning the organization into a global marketing company with localized focus.

Boosting Asia

The company recently established Shiseido Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. (SAPAC; June 2015) and will soon unveil Shiseido Japan (October 2015). The company recently opened a new innovation center in Yokohama, Japan, and inked a deal with Burberry to market cosmetics and fragrances in the country. Shiseido also recently revamped its duty-free presence at Narita International Airport.

Other elements of the global project, including structural and personnel shifts, will continue through 2017, according to Shiseido.

SAPAC, which will begin full-scale operations in 2016, will oversee most Asia Pacific brand marketing and management, which was previously led by the company's Japan-based team.

The goal, according to Shiseido, is to become a faster-moving organization that is more focused on building brands that are relevant to its markets.

"The Shiseido Group views Asia Pacific as one of the markets with the greatest growth potential," the company announced ... Locating regional headquarters closer to markets enables faster decisions and execution. In this environment, Shiseido Asia Pacific will obtain deeper Asian consumer insights and localize marketing"


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