Sustainable Cosmetics Summit Tackles Key Green Issues


Hosted in New York City for the fifth consecutive year, the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit will tackle some of the major green issues in the cosmetics industry. Industry experts will discuss green formulations, ethical sourcing, packaging impacts, digital marketing, mobile communications and sustainability metrics.

Green materials are a key focus. Although sustainable ingredients are en vogue, their use in cosmetic and personal care formulations brings many challenges. The summit will cover important developments in the supply chain for green materials, from the sourcing of agricultural raw materials, processing methods and sustainability standards to formulating finished products. With growing concern of ingredient authenticity, details will be given of analytical methods to verify green materials. The session adjourns with featured speakers discussing the environmental footprint of agricultural-based ingredients: does green always mean better for consumers and the planet? Featured speakers are from Natural Plant Products, Mibelle Biochemistry, Kemin, Global ID, Naturex, Croda and L’Oréal.

Practical approaches to reduce the ecological impact of cosmetic products will also be discussed. SGS will show how life-cycle analysis and similar approaches are used to measure the environmental footprint of personal care products. What metrics are mostly used and what are their applications? An American retailer states how it is addressing its ecological footprint, whilst a leading European natural cosmetic brand highlights the challenges of taking the green route.

Speakers will also discuss approaches to reduce the packaging impact of cosmetic products. With packaging comprising over a third of consumer household waste, what can cosmetic brands do to reduce their packaging footprints? Apart from minimizing product packaging and using sustainable materials, what other possibilities are there? A case study is given on how a pioneering initiative involves removing packaging waste from the environment for new product applications.

Mobile communications are having a profound impact on consumer behavior. Consumers are now more educated and informed than at any other time in history, raising their expectations of cosmetics products. The summit will look at the implications of digital marketing on cosmetic and personal care products. What opportunities do digital marketing and mobile apps bring? How can brands effectively utilize social media and online marketing channels?

Digital marketing is also featured. After a keynote on consumer behavior, details are given on the use of mobile applications to assess the safety of cosmetic products. The potential of digital marketing and social media is explored by Edelman, whilst an online retailer shares its experiences in selling direct to consumers. An update is given on the legislative landscape for marketing claims and labeling of green cosmetic products. How can brands avoid the legal pitfalls of green marketing?

Heads of natural & organic cosmetic brands will form a CEO roundtable to debate key industry issues in an interactive session. Panelists for the 2014 summit include CEOs from Aveda, Primavera, Weleda North America and Desert Essence. Discussion topics for the roundtable are changing market conditions, rising consumer expectations, new marketing technologies, and environmental footprints. Summit participants will have the opportunity to pose questions and discuss key challenges with the CEO panel.

The third day of the summit comprises a technical workshop on green active ingredients. Judi Beerling, technical research manager at Organic Monitor, will highlight the opportunities provided by novel actives from plant, marine, and new technological processes. Practical guidance will be given to formulators and product developers looking to use green actives in beauty and personal care formulations.

Organized by Organic Monitor, the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit is an international series of summits that covers major developments in sustainability in the beauty industry. The North American edition will be hosted at Westin New York at Times Square. More information is available from www.sustainablecosmeticssummit.com.


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