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Continuing its new era of innovative growth, Anisa International, a global leader in the design and manufacturing of private label cosmetic brushes, accessories and applicators, has launched its Textural Evolution, individual brush cleansing wipes, unique bag offerings, at-home spa products and professionally-inspired brush heads in 2014. These products highlight the company’s focus on the collaboration of artistry and strategy to bring new ideas to market that are not only beautiful, but useful and relevant to consumer needs.

In addition, Shana Mauk, senior director of beauty and education notes, “At Anisa International, we are always focused on achieving the next level of consumer experience and impact. We design with specific formulas, products and cosmetics in mind and then provide our customers with thoughtful and engaging education, an effective selling tool to help them connect with end-consumers. Our latest product expansions highlight this innovative approach, and we believe it fuels the strong, collaborative partnerships we have with our customers.”

Textural Evolution—Trending on Texture

The Anisa brand is leading a Textural Evolution with new product extensions developed around beauty and utility. This year is all about tactile materials with a myriad of surfaces. Fashion-forward tools and accessories showcase glossy metallics, raised surfaces and dynamic finishes and demonstrate movement through patterns, light and colors. These products offer customization of form and function, empower consumers to make this trend their own and highlight an evolution of packaging and products meant to be felt.

Brush Cleansing Wipes—Treat Your Tools and Your Skin

As a leader in brush design and manufacturing, Anisa International is always looking for innovative ways to develop expert solutions for its clients. The new brush cleaning system is among the latest product extension to build naturally upon the company’s experience and industry insight. The portable, disposable brush wipes come in individual packets. Combining ease-of-use and convenience, the cleaners facilitate the important ritual of brush maintenance, helping consumers protect both their skin and their investment in beauty tools. Beyond wipes, Anisa International is currently working to expand the line to include brush cleaner sprays and shampoos.

Anisa Bag Collection—It’s In the Bag

The latest expansion into cosmetic fashion bags and clutches builds on three core advantages—Anisa’s manufacturing expertise, history of design-infused silhouettes and fashion-forward approach to everyday accessories. With this collection, the traditional cosmetic bag is transformed into a fashionable, functional product that can be used for everyday, traveling or even a night out. Combined with the trending influence of the Textural Evolution, these bags are bound to become classics.

At-Home Spa Products—Luxe Life

The at-home spa and bath ritual is now an essential part of the experiential beauty regime, offering a blissful retreat from the consumer’s always-on, multi-tasked lifestyle. Extending its insight to the important self-care category, Anisa International is launching a collection of products to soothe and purify the face and body, while pampering the spirit and mind. This new line also includes the purifying power of Charcoal and Konjac and is made of sustainable, earth-friendly materials with ancient healing and soothing properties.

Handles by Design—Customizable Handles Distinguish a Brand

Customizable handles provide endless options for differentiation, highlighting a brand’s DNA. These tailored designs create an emotional impact and help brands stand out in a competitive landscape. With choices including casting acrylic, crackle, fabric wrapped, glitter injected, heat transfer, ombre, pearlized and more, the options are as unique as the brand.

Professionally Inspired Brush Heads for the Everyday User

New collections this year are the Mattifying, Line Maker, Treatment and Pointed Trio collections designed with advanced form and function.

The Line Maker Collection gives users precision placement and advanced application, as if they were a makeup artist. The unique, elongated tool fits naturally into the hand, making product placement more intuitive and allowing the desired look to be created in one fluid motion without a visual blind spot. The five unique head shapes create eye looks ranging from daytime subtle shadow to an evening cat eye.

Offering a delicate approach to setting foundation, the Mattifying Collection focuses on the face’s T-zone. Ideal to use with pressed or loose powders after foundation and concealer is applied, the soft blend of synthetic and natural fibers accentuates the skin’s highlights and provides targeted coverage.

The Treatment Collection protects the integrity of all skincare regimens while enhancing the user experience. These artistry tools eliminate dirt, oil and bacteria from contaminating or altering the formula.

The Pointed Trio Collection gives controlled coverage during the application of foundations and concealers. Its unique pointed brush head shape massages product into the skin, allowing for buildable coverage.

About Anisa International, Inc.

Anisa International, Inc. is the beauty industry’s leading global cosmetic brush and accessory design and manufacturing company. Founded in 1992, Anisa is committed to providing its clients with innovative product design, socially responsible manufacturing, expert education, and marketing support to ensure creation of the best cosmetic brushes and beauty accessories on the market today. The international company employs more than 600 people at its corporate and creative headquarters in Atlanta, GA, manufacturing facility in Tianjin, China, New York showroom and design studio and sales and marketing offices across the United States, United Kingdom and China. The company has appeared three times on Inc. Magazine’s Top 5,000 Fastest Growing Companies in America list, in 2009, 2012 and 2013. Information about Anisa International, Inc. is available at www.anisa.com.


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